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IMPORTANT NOTICE – CORONAVIRUS:  A Message from our Minister, Rev’d. Dr. Sarah McClelland

As restrictions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic change, details of arrangements for Worship together with all other Church-related activities will be outlined below.
For those requiring further information on the situation please email or phone the Church Office (Staffed between 09.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m.: Monday – Thursday)  – Click here for contact details.

Latest news from Sarah – 24th October 2020

Sarah writes … ‘Changing Seasons

The changing season is so evident in nature, as the leaves turn and we’re treated to an amazing display of colours.  We’ve even got an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning!  Its the start of half term, and the start of a new Church Council year.  Well, sort of, in that we’ve had a change following the annual meeting last week.  Meet the new team on our Lay Leadership page on this website.

For me, the highlight of the meeting was a moment to review 2019, when people shared what their favourite St. Francis’ Church family moment had been – carols in the pub, Messy church barbecue, Brian’s
Roast dinner.

It was emotional to recall these highlights – highlights that in so many ways we took for granted – and which we all are missing.  But it was encouraging too, to see that despite the difficulties, we’ve built on the foundations we laid last year. Things aren’t easy now – but we have so much to be thankful for and a God who remains faithful through it all.

And Big thanks to our outgoing Council members:  John Course, Mike Flack, Liz Watts, Dunni Ajayi and Gill Hill.  I’ve very much appreciated your help – we’ll miss you!
The Church Council are here to serve the church and to represent you.   Did you know that Church wardens are the ‘senior representatives’ of the church family?  It’s their job to maintain order and peace in the church!
Remember -you voted them in!

Don’t forget the clocks go back an hour on Saturday night.

Your church family needs you!

The church family looks best when we’re all using our gifts, doing the things we’re good at, and which we enjoy.  God has given us all the gifts we need for the Church in Valley Park!   Can you help us with any of the following?  If so, please contact Sarah (rev@sfvp.org.uk) or a Church Council member.

Partnering in Mission

We would love to support mission organisations here and overseas, learning from their experience, and supporting them practically.  We need a group of people to help and advice the Church Council on who to support and how to support them.  Help us to shape the way we learn and give!

Website Contributors

Would you like to contribute to the new website?  If you have lots of photos and/ or like taking them; if you like writing in ways to engage our community, if you are creative and inventive… please get in touch (rev@sfvp.org.uk)!  We’d love to hear from you as we plan to move ahead with this project.

Editor to join the Chrysalis team

Chrysalis is St. Francis’  outreach magazine which is published in The Valley Park Voice ten times a year.   With one of the two editors standing down we are looking for another editor to edit alternate editions with the support of the Chrysalis editorial team.  The job involves a certain visual creativity to be able to lay out an attractive page with an attention to detail and an eye for spelling and grammar.  Most content is provided by contributors and the editor’s job is to liaise with them and lay out the article, trim it for clarity and space as necessary but not to lose the author’s voice.  Sometimes you might need to write a short filler piece.   Computer literacy is a must.  The software (Affinity Publisher) is provided and able to be run on PC or Mac.  Training can be given.  The current editorial group meet four times a year to discuss and plan content in advance so  attendance at these is essential.  If you want to know more speak to Sarah, Ian on 07957 656549 or Dunni on 07850 395881.

Cafe Volunteers

We’re looking at the possibility of opening a Wednesday morning cafe, strictly adhering to Government guidelines.  It won’t be anything like the wonderful Rendezvous cafe!  And of course it’s impossible to make it 100% Covid safe.  But we would love to open our doors to those who are finding life tough in this season.  The first question is whether we have enough volunteers to get it off the ground…?

Light bearers

For our Advent Service of Light.  Se the notice on this service below.

Church News and What’s On

Dates for your Diary:

  • Every Monday: 10.00 a.m.: Morning prayer at church, a short, traditional service.
  • Sunday, November 1st  (All Saints Day – also remembering All Souls): 2.00 – 5.30 p.m.: Church open with prayer stations to remember those who’ve died.  Light a candle, leave a name or two to be read out at:
  • Sunday, November 1st: 6.00 p.m.: Short virtual service to remember those who’ve died.
  • Tuesday, November 3rd: 7.15/8.00 p.m.: Connect evening (see below).
  • Sunday, November 29th:  6.00 p.m.:  Virtual Advent Service of Light.
  • Tuesday, December 15th: 7.15/8.00 p.m.: Connect evening (see below)

What’s On at St. Francis?

Pray:  Monday October 26th, 10.00 a.m.: Morning prayer at church – a short, traditional service. Continuing each Monday.

Remember:  November  1st, 2.00 – 5.30 p.m.: Church open with prayer stations to remember those who’ve died.  Light a candle, leave a name or two to be read out at:
November 1st, 6.00 p.m.: Short virtual service to remember those who’ve died.

Connect:  Tuesday November 3rd, 7.15/8.00 p.m.: Connect evening.  Connect with each other, Connect mid week, Connect with God!
Also on Tuesday December 15th.

Take Time: Wednesday November 4th, 12.00 noon to 1.00 p.m. on our Zoom link:  Join us for a Christian meditation – an opportunity to find peace and to hear from God.
Due to the success of the pilot in the summer, our Christian mediation is back!  The meditations use the “Ignation” practice of allowing God to speak through the Bible and they’re a great way to hear God’s still small voice. Join us on alternate Wednesdays, starting in November: at 12.oo noon on the 1st Wednesday and 8.00 p.m. on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, on our usual Zoom link, for about 45 – 60minutes.  They provide an opportunity for people who are less acquainted with church to experience God’s peace in an accessible way.  You can find more information at www.TakeTime.org

Light up:  Advent Service of Light:  Sunday November 29th.  This is one of our favourite services at St. Francis’ Church and although we are not able to share the service in the building together, we have a plan to be able to share the candle light with you all.  We’ll take the light to each other physically, and join in a virtual service at 6.00 p.m.   We aim to light candles in the church building from the Paschal Candle in the late afternoon (around 4.00 p.m.) and then walk this light to as many homes as we possibly can.  You will then be able to light your own candle and have it by your computer ready for the evening service where we  can all share the light together, just as we would do in church.  We need a team of volunteers who would be willing to walk the light around Chandlers Ford and Valley Park.  If you are able to be part of this team or would like to have the
light delivered to your home, please get in touch with Alison by Sunday 15th November, so that routes can then be drawn up.

Fairtrade:  Angela Morris has kindly offered to deliver copies of the new Traidcraft Autumn Catalogue to anyone in Valley Park and deliver orders too!  Do contact her if youm would like to make an order – she would be delighted to hear from you: <angelarwmorris@gmail.com>

International Cafe:  Frederick and Maryline in Strasbourg will be hosting an International Cafe!  They invite us to join them and some of their church members in Strasbourg on their own Zoom link.  Pop in any time on Thursdays 10.00 a.m. – 12.00 noon, for a trial for the month of September.  If you’d like to join in, please email them on <frederickthescribe@gmail.com> and they’ll send you a link.

School Care Clubs:  Just a reminder, especially if you’re a key holder, that these are now operating again at church during term time.   Please do remember that there will be no access to the church or garden while clubs are on, especially because of Covid restrictions.

Home Groups:  Please contact Sarah: rev@sfvp.org.uk if you’re interested in joining one, virtually for now – maybe just for the Fruitfulness on the Front Line course?

QR Code for NHS Test and Trace App: If you attend our 8.45 a.m. service, we will keep a note of your name for 3 weeks to comply with Track and Trace requirements.
We will also be displaying a QR code for the NHS Test and Trace App to comply with guidelines; if you have a smart phone please consider using this if attending a service.


Stories of what God is doing …

Stories of how we’ve known God with us in the past, help us to navigate an uncertain future.  Stories engage us and help us to see possibilities in our own situations.  I know how many have found it helpful to listen as others have shared experience – and that a number of you have let me know that you have a story to tell too!  Let me know if you can encourage us in this way: rev@sfvp.org.uk .



Thanks for reading! As ever this comes with my prayers and love in Christ.

Lead Minister, St Francis’ Church.
A Local Ecumenical Partnership of the Church of England, Methodist Church and United Reformed Church.
Pilgrim’s Close, Valley Park, Eastleigh SO53 4ST.

Safeguarding those at risk:
To find our policies on Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults, and with regard to Domestic Abuse and Violence please click here;
Our primary Safeguarding contact:  safeguarding@stfrancis-valleypark.org.uk
Happening this week at
St. Francis’.
St Francis’ School Breakfast Club (7.30 a.m. – 9.00 a.m.) &
St Francis’ After School Club (3.15 p.m. – 6.00 p.m.)
held each weekday in School Terms.
Saturday 24th October:
12.00 noon:  The Lord’s Prayer.
Sunday 25th October:
Twentieth Sunday after Trinity

8.45 a.m.:  Said Holy Communion in Church (pre-book using the guidance on this page);
10.00 a.m.:  On-line Morning Worship:  see notes on this page to join in.
Monday 26th October:
10.00 a.m.: Morning Prayer in Church – please wear a mask
12.00 noon:  The Lord’s Prayer
Tuesday 27th October:
12.00 noon:  The Lord’s Prayer.
Wednesday 28th October:
12.00 noon:  The Lord’s Prayer.
Thursday 29th October
10.00 a.m. – 12.00 noon:  International Zoom Cafe from Strasbourg (See notice on this web-page)
12.00 noon:  The Lord’s Prayer.
Friday 30th October:
12.00 noon:  The Lord’s Prayer.
Saturday 31st October:
12.00 noon:  The Lord’s Prayer.
Sunday 1st November:
Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity
8.45 a.m.:  Said Holy Communion in Church (pre-book using the guidance on this page);
10.00 a.m.:  On-line Morning Worship:  see notes on this page to join in;
2.00 p.m. – 5.30 p.m,: Church open for reflection and remembrance of loved ones who have died (Wear a mask and warm clothing and observe social distancing;
6.00 p.m,:  On-line All Souls Service. see notes on this page to join in.

“Virtual” Church:

To access our on-line services and other streamed activities via “Zoom”, use the detailed joining instructions on this webpage or else here’s a super quick link that takes you to all of
our services and events: 

WORSHIP THIS WEEK (Sunday 25th October) 

8.45 a.m. Said Communion.

You’d be really welcome to join us in person at 08.45 a.m. for communion… we’re back in the building now.

Just let us know if you’re coming – if you can, by emailing admin@sfvp.org.uk or leaving a message on 023 8027 1152, before midday on the Saturday before the service (i.e.: the day before).  Then just stick to distancing, dress for the weather and pop a mask in your pocket, in case we’re inside!  And don’t come if you’re ill of course.

10.00 a.m. Morning Worship – is still virtual.

We have the option to gather for communion at 08.45 a.m. but our main church family gathering will continue to be online at 10.00 a.m.   Though we’ll stream  it from the church building, we won’t have a congregation there in person.  So don’t worry – you can still join in from your sofa.

This week we’ll be having the last in our Sermon series looking at the prophet Micah’s
exhortation to Act Justly, Love mercy and Walk humbly with God, focusing on walking humbly.

08.45 a.m. Leader and speaker: Sarah McClelland

10.00 a.m. Leader and speaker: Sarah McClelland

Every Monday: 10.00 a.m.:  Morning prayer in Church (Please wear a mask).

Weekdays Daily: 12.00 noon: Let’s continue to pray the Lord’s Prayer together at midday each day.

WORSHIP NEXT WEEK (Sunday 1st November)
All Saints Day (also remembering All Souls Day).

08.45 a.m. Leader: Sarah McClelland

10.00 a.m. Leader: Sarah McClelland
Speaker at both Services:  Joe Sweetnam.

2.00 – 5.30 p,m.:  Come and spend a short time in St. Francis’ Church building, reflecting and remembering those you love who’ve died.  There’ll be some prayer  stations to help you remember them before God.  Please wear a mask, observe 2 metre distancing and dress for outside as the building is well ventilated.
This will be followed by:

6.00 p.m.:  A short virtual All Souls Service to remember those who’ve died (On the usual Zoom link). Leader and Speaker: Sarah McClelland


Virtual Church: How are you doing?

There are many Christian resources on line; in particular, the prayer app Lectio 365 and the Bible in One Year app.  It’s been great to hear how people are enjoying those resources at home.  In addition, people have been enjoying house groups and taking the opportunity to pray and study together.  If you’re not in a house group but would value the opportunity, please contact Chris Hill – chris@plantain.org.uk.

It’s important to recognise that this situation we’re in is hard for everybody – in all sorts of different ways.  As a church family we’re called to care for each other – so let’s take opportunities to share difficulties as well as joys in our buddy groups and house groups, and not to just put on a brave face!  Don’t forget that we have a ‘listening line’ available too – just leave your name and number on the office answerphone (023 8027 1152) and the pastoral team will return your call.

Social Events

Watch out for news of new Church Social Events with a difference – they are all on-line!


Please get in touch!

E-mail: rev@sfvp.org.uk, or admin@sfvp.org.uk, or make use of our Listening Line – Thank you, pastoral and welcoming team, who have agreed to provide a listening ear to anyone who could do with it! Just leave a message on the church answer phone (02380 271152) with your details.


Answers to prayer and reasons to be thankful!

It’s great to share them and encourage each other – email Sarah with them today!


Worship at

Chandlers Ford

Each Sunday our local Lockdown FM Chandler’s Ford radio station is broadcasting an Act of Worship from one of the Churches in Chandler’s Ford. For details of these and other Lockdown FM broadcasts click on https://www.lockdownfm.com

They are planning to broadcast some of our live services in the coming weeks. 

Thought for the Day…

At 10.oo a.m. on Lockdown FM each day (except Sundays), various local Christians will be sharing a Thought for the Day – why not listen in?



By the AV Team:

St. Francis’ Church audio-visual team need to improve some of the equipment being used to broadcast our services – we want to do this as well as possible as we will be doing this for some months to come.  Before we buy new, would you have any of the following no longer needed which you could give/long-term-loan to the church:-

  • Video camera – with HDMI output, tripod mount and optical zoom;
  • Camera tripod;
  • Laptop – no more than about 8 years old; we’re able to rebuild if the hard-drive is no longer working.

If you can help or have questions please contact PeterRhodes.21@btinternet.com or phone 07985 067761”

By the Minister:

It’d be great to have a more creative backdrop to our 10.00 a.m. services!  These requests are less urgent than the AV teams, but does anyone have any of the following that they might be prepared to lend or donate:

  • Great ideas:  You can tell I have a few up my sleeve but feel free to share any lightweight, easy to move stage set ideas!
  • Bar stool and table;
  • Garden trellis – a bit like that bordering the Garden of Remembrance.

Other Church Notices:

Buddy Groups:  If you’d like to be in one and you aren’t, or any other issues – please email Fiona Grove our pastoral head – pastoral@stfrancis-valleypark.org.uk

Prayer requests:  Please let us know if we can pray for you: please email Fiona as above.

Prayer points:  We included some on our notice sheet and they’re now added on the Prayer page of this website.

Basics Bank:  St Francis Church is running Eastleigh Basics Bank on Wednesdays.  Many thanks to David Gurr for  heading up the team and to all of you who have volunteered.

Socials:  See this webpage for planned social activities.


Do you enjoy gardening?

We need some help to look after our lovely garden at St Francis.
Please contact Phil (treasurer@stfrancis-valleypark.org.uk) if you could lend a hand at your convenience in any capacity – and as a one off or regular slot – even if not very regularly!!

Cliff’s Osteospermum Whirligig!


St Francis’ Church goes On-line:

Watch or listen to our services every Sunday at 10.00 a.m. – with other days to be announced. 

The joining instructions are here: SFC Remote Services – detailed instructions for congregation v3  Or click on this link: www.bit.ly/SFCzoom

After each service we’ll put a link to the recording here on our website (see below).

Links to recordings of our recent On-line live-streamed Services:

Click on the links below:

NB:   For each video file, watching “Full Screen” is better and removes the Chat column – click icon in bottom right-hand corner of screen:-

Sunday 25th October – Twentieth Sunday after Trinity: 10.00 a.m.

Video and Sound – https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/-6_aolZqgk-1o26AjYl9iCkPnzT_Xx1EgJ67EQ4oVNbgahUS2SwW6Nk-_rovO6x3.p3owB9rmNRHWpgOc?startTime=1603620000000

Sunday 18th October – Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity: 10.00 a.m.

Video and Sound – https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/dx0LWwPsxBJjQy_ROt5qOj-rGTjFWurnqnTOHw_4CpW182ThkB567Ah2GV2RC3rN.tVUnUQghobZykCYB?startTime=1603011130000

Sunday 4th October – Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity: 10.00 a.m.

Video and Sound – https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/598kWyuAD9RE0YOI1rs_ZM_BJgLDFPxFQSFKy4X0nX_0hv7OExdF-7lVsAZg7YI.e-blW2iZRXbUI-6K?startTime=1601802183000

Some of our Home Groups develop their studies around the central theme of our Sunday worship and study.

Please click here to go to all of our 2019 Lenten Course Study Material on Prayer and for a selection of recent sermons and homilies on current study topics.

Evening Study of the Book of Exodus:

During Epiphany and Lent 2020, our informal worship on 1st and 3rd Sunday evenings (@ 6.00 p.m.) will focus on a study of the Book of Exodus.  To gain an overview of this important book of the Old Testament, in which God renews His Covenant with the Israelites,  click on these links to watch two short videos:

Exodus Part 1:  Chapters 1 – 18:  The Israelites, who have settled in Egypt become enslaved and under Moses, and with God’s help, eventually flee from slavery in Egypt:


Exodus Part 2:  Chapters 19 – 40:  God re-establishes the Covenant He had made with Abraham, gives the Israelites a framework for living in harmony with God and each other, and commits to dwell among them in the Ark of the Covenant.


To view Sarah’s reflections for Holy Week please click here.


St Francis’ Church in action: 
To find out more about what else we are doing through the coming year please look at our Parish Calendar and Weekly Notices pages.
Find us on Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/stfrancisvp
What were we doing in 2018?
To read about the Ministry, Mission and Witness we undertook, and how we used the Financial Resources gifted to us in 2018, please click on St Francis Annual Report 2019 – Published
Click Annual Review – 2018 – web version to see a pictorial review of our Church’s Ministry and collective life during 2018.
What are our strategic plans for Ministry and Mission in the coming months?  
To read our latest Parish Mission Action Plan (pMAP) please click on:
St Francis Valley Park – pMap 2017 – 2020 – v 2-2,
Data Protection: 
To read our Data Protection Policies please click here.  Please let the Parish Office know if you no longer wish us to hold your information.
To contact us:
For our contact details please click here.   


Please note:

The Minister’s day off is Friday.  For emergencies please contact a Church Warden on that day.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR): 

The new data protection regulations, relating to the holding, management and use of personal data by organisations came into force on Friday 25th May 2018.  St Francis’ Church takes its responsibilities under GDPR very seriously.  You can read our Data Privacy Notice here.  If you are a member of St Francis’ Church, or wish to remain in close contact with us, you may give us consent to hold, manage and use your personal data by downloading a Full Data Consent Form 2018 – 27-04-18 and completing and e-mailing it to us at <admin@sfvp.org.uk>.