Our Lay Leadership Team

Church Wardens:

Liz Steve Williams
Mrs Liz Watts
Tel: 023 8025 2015
Mr Steve Williams
Tel 077 9545 1116

Pro- (Deputy) Wardens:

   Mrs. Alison Rhodes   
Tel: 023 8027 0694
Mr Andrew Grove
Tel 023 8026 9436


St Francis’ Parochial Church Council

Lay members:

Ex Officio:                                                                     
Mr. Stephen Williams Church Warden and Vice Chair  §  2018
Mrs. Elizabeth Watts Church Warden  § 2018
Mr Andrew Grove Pro-Warden (Assistant Treasurer)   2018
Mrs Alison Rhodes Pro-Warden 2018
Mr. David Gurr Deanery Synod Representative   2020
Vacancy Deanery Synod Representative   2020
Vacancy Deanery Synod Representative 2020
Mr. John Course § 2020
Mr. Michael Flack Fabric Officer §  2020 
Mrs. Fiona Grove Church Council Secretary §  2019
Mr. Michael Hook Electoral Roll Officer § 2018
Dr. Helen Kelso Safeguarding Officer § 2019
Dr. Brian King § 2018 
Mr. Rogerio Ramos   2020 
Mr. Peter Rhodes Appointed Acting Deanery Synod Rep. § 2020
Mr. Tony Taylor § 2019
Mr. Philip Watts Hon. Treasurer (Appointed Acting Deanery Synod Rep.) §  2018 
§ = Also a Member of St Francis’ Ecumenical Church Council.           








St Francis’ Ecumenical Church Council

The Ecumenical Church Council comprises those members of the PCC shown by § above, together with:
Ex Officio:
Mrs. Gill Hill Methodist & Circuit Representative 2020
Mrs. Julia Ray Methodist & Circuit Representative 2020
Mr. Christopher Hill URC Prov. Synod Representative
Mr. Colin Dorman 2018
Mr. Geoff Roberts Gift Aid Secretary      Contact Geoff 2018

Office holders appointed annually by the Church Council:

(Not required to attend Church Council unless otherwise a member.)

Mrs. Fiona Grove Secretary of the Council 
Mr Philip Watts Hon. Treasurer
Mr Michael Flack Fabric Officer
Mr Andrew Grove Assistant Treasurer
Mr. Mike Hook Electoral Roll Officer
Dr. Helen Kelso Safeguarding Officer
Mr. Geoff Roberts Gift Aid Secretary      Contact Geoff 
Mr. Chris Goodhead FCA        Independent Examiner

Download the 2016 Church Annual Report here:  St Francis Annual Report 2016