Music @ St Francis

St Francis’ Church is blessed with many talented musicians who combine in different ways and at different times to produce a wide range of musical styles. We have people who play the piano, organ, guitar, clarinet, flute, drums and even a trombone.

We are very fortunate to have a grand piano and an electronic organ and have several people able to play them. We are able to produce music for all types of service from more classical organ piecesĀ or traditional wedding music through to modern worship songs. We have even staged several full blown rock concerts in the Church.

Participation in the music group is open to anyone of any age with suitable ability. We are currently blessed with several young teenagers to complement the ‘old hands’.

If you can play an instrument and feel like joining us please contact either one of the Church leaders or Stephanie Barlow who oversees the music for us.

Steph Barlow

Stephanie Barlow: Worship Music Leader