This week’s Pew Sheet

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

                                                                                  Mark, Ch. 10, vs. 45.

This week we especially hold in our prayers:

– People in every part of the world world, affected by extreme weather conditions at this time: and most recently in Majorca, Indonesia and USA.
– Our national and political life: praying especially for the continuing Brexit negotiations, and especially that our politicians are able to work together to find a way to come up with a workable solution.
– All those who are vulnerable and subject to abuse: in the wake of the completion of the Huddersfield abuse trials and other recent revalations.  Pray for all those involved in caring for and protecting vulnerable individuals. 
– Students, and especially those from Valley Park: who have just completed their first few weeks at University, and are beginning to find their feet.  We pray too for those who have started new courses, and those who are coming to the end of their studies, and also for the Churches they may be linked with, that students will be able to find support and teaching that they need there.
– The continuing life of our Church, praying especially for:

  • Rev’d. Arthur Croad, leading Eucharistic Worship on 21st October and for Peter Rhodes as he leads Morning Worship.
  • Sarah and Cliff McClelland, as preparations are made for the Induction on 2nd December.
Phil Watts and family: giving thanks that he is out of hospital after his operation and praying for continued healing for him.
–  All those known to us who are ill, in hospital, undergoing operations or treatment, or waiting further appointments, or results that may lead to further treatment: and particularly those on our prayer chain. Pray also for the medical teams looking after them and for their families as they support them.

We remember those who have died at this time of year, including those known and loved by us, and:
Jean Bray, aged 66 years, for 15th October, 1993;
Kenneth Halton, aged 65 years, for 16th October 1985;
Sybil Poole, aged 91 years, for 19th October 1995;
Derek Langham, aged 66 years, for 21st October 1993.