This week’s Pew Sheet

The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; and it is marvellous in our eyes.

                                                                         Matthew, Ch. 21, vs. 43.

This week we especially hold in our prayers:

– The people of the Holy Land:  following the recent political events in the Middle East.  Pray that the unrest does not escalate into war, and that the leaders of all nations will search for a peaceful solution.
The leaders of North Korea:  as tensions and rhetoric continue to run high.  We ask that all involved in this brinksmanship take a step back and realise the futility of their actions.
All parts of the world: where conflict continues to devastate the lives of ordinary people.
The continuing life of this Church: praying especially for:
–  Rev. Arthur Croad and Rev’d Peter Crick as they joins us to lead our worship on the Second Sunday of Advent. May God speak to us through them and leave us inspired in the week ahead and that they feel welcomed as part of our Church family.
–  for ‘Glitter and Glue’; thanking God for all those involved, and especially those who organise the mornings.  Pray for those who attend that they would come to know God and His purpose;
–  those within our Church Family who are leading services over the Christmas period:  for Dr. Ian Clarke leading our Service of Lessons and Carols for Christmas next week; for the Messy Crib Team, leading the Christmas Eve Morning Service and for Alison Rhodes leading the Christmas Eve Crib Service. Also, for Ven. Dr. Peter Rouch, our Archdeacon,  as he celebrates our Christmas Eucharist Services with us;
– Our Church, which is God’s Church, giving thanks to God that He has seen us through the first six months of the Interregnum, and that we have found Ministers for all the services that we have held in the Church;
– The continuing life of this Church during the Interregnum, praying that God is already moving in the heart and mind of the person He wants as our new Minister.
– Susie Bennett and her family:  mourning the recent death of her mother in South Africa.
All who are sick and in any kind of need at this time, praying also for those notified on our Prayer Network: and especially for the family of Alma Walford, mourning her death, and attending her funeral at Southampton Crematorium on Monday, 11th December at 11.30 a.m.

 We remember those who have died, and in particular this week:
Reginald Trigg, aged 78 years, for 7th December 1985;
Irene Windsor, aged 79 years, for 7th December 2007.