This week’s Pew Sheet

I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I if you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

                                                                             John, Ch. 15, vs. 5.

This week we especially hold in our prayers:

UK and global Charities and their work among the most needy in our world:  at this time of scandal, and when they are under close scrutiny. Pray that investigations will be balanced and thorough, and that once appropriate actions and sanctions are completed, these organisations may quickly regain the trust and support of donors and refocus on their relief work for the benefit of those who need their help.
The USA, and the renewed debate on Gun Controls there:  following the school shootings in Florida. Pray that political rhetoric, vested financial interests and ingrained attitudes will give way to compassion and wisdom, and to valuing human life above ‘entitlement and rights’.
– The elderly and frail in our country as exceptionally cold weather is forecast:  Pray for good neighbourliness and a watchful eye among communities, with support for those less able to cope with adverse weather conditions, and patience when transport and other services are hindered. We pray too for the NHS as demands on its services increase in such times.
– The people of Eastern Ghouta, Damascus:  as the bombardment of this area by Syrian forces continues to take the lives of the innocent including children. We pray too for all other places in our world troubled by violence and bloodshed or other humanitarian crisis at this time.
– The continuing life of this Church: and especially those leading our worship on 25th February:

  • Rev’d. Adrian Roux from the Methodist Church, who will lead our Eucharistic Services today and for Fiona, Stephanie and team, leading Messy Church this afternoon.
  • All attending Lent studies, that they may gain fresh insights, and a strengthening of their faith & all attending our church may feel the power of the Holy Spirit at work in their lives.
  • Our Church Wardens and pro-Wardens, meeting on Monday evening to prepare for the next important steps in the management of the Interregnum process.
  • All who will attend the combined House-group Prayer session here on Monday evening.
  • The Men’s Weekend in Wales this coming weekend, that an enjoyable time of walking, fellowship and refreshment of body and spirit may be shared by all.
– All who are sick and in any kind of need at this time: continuing to pray for Hannah Dorman, as she recovers at home from her back injury, for Carolyn Covey, continuing in recovery from her most recent treatment, and also for those others notified on our Prayer Network.

 We remember those who have died in past times:
Any known or loved by us who passed away at this time of year.