This week’s Pew Sheet

Prayer is not asking.  Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at His disposition, and listening to His voice in the depths of our hearts.’

Mother Theresa

This week we especially hold in our prayers:

– In the current Covid crisis, and as a second wave of infections gathers momentum: we pray for:

  •  all suffering from illness and those caring for them;
  •  all key workers and especially those on our prayer chain;
  •  those in authority, making decisions;
  •  those researching treatments and vaccines;
  •  those who mourn the loss of loved ones.
– The Life of our Nation: We pray for:

  • Wisdom among our leaders, particularly in responding to the challenges which face our nation and the wider world at this time;
  • Leaders who are having to make unprecedented decisions at this time;
  • All people, that everyone will make wise decisions and caring choices, and have respect and care for one another and for creation and the environment as lockdown restrictions are eased or varied according to local circumstances.
– From the World Council of Churches:  we pray for Christian Churches in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

We particularly pray for:

  • the continued pursuit of peace in Colombia, the fulfilment of agreements reached, the reintegration of insurgents into society, broad and inclusive dialogue for justice, and fair compensation of those victimized by conflict;
  • the strengthening of democratically elected governments in the region, without pressure from outside interests;
  • greater respect for the human rights of all, especially vulnerable populations and those who work for the wellbeing of others and of the environment;
  • an end to the corruption in these societies, and to unsustainable exploitation of their resources.
– From the Anglican Communion Cycle of Prayer we pray for: the Province of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, and for The Most Revd Ezekiel Kumir Kondo – Archbishop of the Province of Sudan & Bishop of Khartoum.
– From the Winchester Diocesan Cycle of Prayer we pray for:  Winchester Social Enterprise, particularly in its work of setting up our own pre-school settings and offer support and guidance to others affiliated through the Launchpad Early Years Network.
– In our own Community of Valley Park we pray for:

  • The residents of Keepers Close and Monmouth Close;
  • St Francis C of E primary school breakfast and after school clubs, as they start again in church on Monday, and for the staff and children;
  • Those considering standing for positions of leadership on St Francis Church Council.
–  All those known to us who are ill, in hospital, undergoing operations or treatment, or waiting further appointments, or results that may lead to further treatment: and particularly those on our prayer chain at this and particularly those receiving treatment of any kindPray also for the medical teams looking after them and for their families as they support them.  We pray that our Lord God will be in each situation, and we thank Him for answers to prayers this week and continue to pray for those known to us who are going through difficult times.

We remember those who have died in recent days,
together with those who have lost their lives due to Coronavirus, past or recent,
and those known personally to us who have passed on at this time of year in the past,
and we pray for those who have been bereaved.