Life events

At St Francis’ Church we are please to welcome you to a range of special forms of service for the milestone events in your life and the lives of your families.


In Baptism we welcome young and old into membership of the Lord’s family, the Church, as part of a life-time’s journey of faith.

We feel honoured to Baptise older people as well as young children, but we ask that, before this step of faith is made into membership of the Church, mature candidates, and the Parents and Godparents of children being Baptised, meet with a member of our Church family, and with our Vicar, to discuss what Baptism is all about, and to better understand the promises that will be made by, or on behalf of, those being Baptised

When children are Baptised we look forward to the time when as a young person or adult they can re-make their promises for themselves at Confirmation.

All enquiries about Baptism should be made to the Parish Office.  Families are then visited by a member of our Church family and later by our Vicar.

For families who choose Baptism outside a main Sunday Service, we encourage them to return at the next Family Service (1st Sunday), so that those who have been Baptised can be formally welcomed into our Church family.


 St Francis’ is the Parish Church of Valley Park and many couples choose to get married in the informal surroundings of the Church with its beautiful garden, which is ideal for the special photographs which help to bring back vivid memories of the happy day.

We welcome couples to contact our Vicar, via the Parish Office to arrange for their wedding, the calling of Banns of Marriage, and to prepare for the big day.  We love to see couples join us for Worship and to get to know us better as they prepare for this big step in their lives.

While all marriages, whether conducted in Church or in another place, involve formal legalities, the whole purpose of marriage – the equal sharing of love, home, family, children – sits right at the heart of what the Christian faith is all about – a binding and loving commitment between two people just like the relationship between each one of us and God.  A Christian marriage has the added benefits of the support and friendship of a wider Church family, to help through the difficult times and the help celebrate the good times.


We welcome all from Valley Park and others who wish to hold a Christian funeral for their departed loved ones at St Francis’.  We also have a Garden of Remembrance where Ashes may be interred.

Please contact your Funeral Director who will liaise with our Parish Office and help you make the necessary arrangements.




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