Weekly Services

General Pattern of Worship

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Sunday Services:
08.45 am: Said Holy Communion. Every Sunday
10.00 am: Family service. 1st Sunday.
Parish Communion. 2nd, 4th & 5th Sundays.
Morning Worship. 3rd Sunday.
4.00 pm: Messy Church. 4th Sunday.  [Not Dec.]
6.00 pm: Informal Evening Worship. 1st and 3rd Sunday.
Midweek Services:
3rd Thursday; 2.30 p.m.: Said Holy Communion; The Library, BrendonCare Knightwood, Shannon Way.
Forthcoming Special Services:

Services for this Sunday:

Sunday 18th August 2019:  Ninth Sunday after Trinity.

Worship Theme:    Faith in Action: Faith in Education
Ministry Team this Sunday:
Duty Warden: Andrew Grove
8.45 a.m. Said Holy Communion.
Celebrant: Rev’d. Arthur Croad
Sermon: Rev’d. Arthur Croad.
10.00 a.m. Morning Worship.
Worship Leader: Steve Williams.
Welcoming: Adre and Kyle Duggan.
Sides-persons: Liz. and Phil. Watts.
Projectionist: Chris Hill.
Readers: Dr. Katie Warner and Heather Callaway.
Sermon: Dr. Ian Clarke.
Intercessions: Phil Watts.
Communion Assistants: N/R.
Music: Suzanne Butler and Band.
Crèche: As required.
Coffee: Leigh and Pierre Leppan.
Flowers: Marion Bray.
6.00 a.m. Informal Evening Worship.
Worship Leader: Dr. Ian Clarke.
Welcoming: Andrew Grove.
Sides-persons: Andrew Grove.
Projectionist: Jeremy Bennett.
Readers: TBC
Sermon: Steve Williams
Music: Rachael Thorpe.
Refreshments: Carolyn Covey.

Services for Next Sunday

Sunday 25th August 2019:  Tenth Sunday after Trinity

Worship Theme: Faith in Action.
8.45 a.m. Said Holy Communion (Rev’d. Dr. Sarah McClelland).
10.00 a.m. Parish Communion (Rev’d. Dr. Sarah McClelland).
6.00 p.m. No Informal Evening Worship ().