Teaching & Nurturing

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“Teaching and Nurturing” at St Francis’ is all about sharing the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ with others who wish to learn about Him, and encouraging and enabling all to grow in relationship with God according to their own personal journey of faith.

The word gospel come from the Old English gōd-spel = “good news”:  i.e.:  gōd = good, and  spel =  ‘a story’ or ‘news’  (as in modern German ‘spiel’). 

We do this through our weekly Services – which have different teaching styles; through our Home Groups and other smaller discussion groups and conversations and through specific courses which we run from time to time to explore our faith, and what it means, in greater detail.

These courses include Alpha 2 Alpha, a course designed for those who are new to the Christian faith, or who are simply enquiring about it.  Our most recent Alpha Course was in the late spring and summer of 2016.  (Scroll to the foot of this page to read more about Alpha).

and a new course:  The Delta Course, which we have developed here at St. Francis’ Church, and which we have been holding during late winter and spring of 2017.

Delta is aimed at our whole Church family – who have already embarked on their journey of faith.  It seeks to help all our people to grow in faith and make their Christian faith more relevant to their daily lives.  While Alpha – the first letter of thee Greek alphabet, is about beginnings and starting out in the Christian faith, Delta (the fourth Greek letter) is used in mathematics, science and engineering to indicate incremental change or difference.  We hope the Delta Course will help all our Church members to make some positive incremental changes to their faith and discipleship (how the follow Jesus) – and notice the difference!  The course explores the difference God makes in our lives and we as Christians can make to others around us; it also reflects the growth we’ll make as we learn together. This is in contrast to Alpha which is about Beginnings – although the programmes follow similar lines.  Please contact St Francis’ Church Office if you would like to know more about the Delta Course.


A Study of Prayer for Shrove-tide and Lent 2019

During the pre-Lenten shrove-tide season and through Lent 2019 St Francis’ Church is following a study on Prayer.  Each Sunday our Sermon focus will be on a section of the Lord’s Prayer, with an invitation to our small study groups and Home Groups to explore that topic more fully during the following week.  A recording of the Sunday Sermon may be found below, together with a link to the brief study synopsis in our weekly Pew Sheet.

Week 1: Sunday 17th February 2019

Adoration:  Our Father in Heaven, 

Third Sunday before Lent
Prayer Study 2019 – Week 1 – Adoration – Pew Sheet Notes

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Week 2: Sunday 24th February 2019

Petition:  Give us this day …

Second Sunday before Lent (Sexagesima) Prayer Study 2019 – Week 2 – Petition – Pew Sheet Notes

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Week 3: Sunday 3rd March 2019

The Spirit’s place in Prayer.


Sunday next before Lent (Quinquagesima) Prayer Study 2019 – Week 3 – The Lord’s Prayer – An All-age View – Pew Sheet Notes

Week 4: Sunday 10th March 2019

Intercession: Praying for the needs of others.

First Sunday of Lent
Prayer Study 2019 – Week 4 – Intercession – Pew Sheet Notes

Week 5: Sunday 17th March 2019

Persistence in prayer.

Second Sunday of Lent Prayer Study 2019 – Week 5 – Perseverance in prayer – Pew Sheet Notes

Week 6: Sunday 24th March 2019

Listening: Hearing the Voice of God.

Give us this day our daily bread

Third Sunday of Lent Prayer Study 2019 – Week 6 – Listening in Prayer – Hearing the voice of God

Week 7:  Sunday 31st March 2019

Praying to God as our Mother too!

Fourth Sunday of Lent
Prayer Study 2019 – Week 7 – Mothering Sunday – Praying to God as our Mother

Week 8:  Sunday 7th April 2019

Prayer and Spiritual Warfare.

Deliver us from evil.

Fifth Sunday of Lent
Prayer Study 2019 – Week 8 – Passion Sunday – Prayer and Spiritual Warfare







According to Douglas Adams (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), the meaning of life, the universe, and everything boils down to the number 42.
If only it were as simple as that!

You can find more about Alpha at www.alpha.org.Alpha 2

Alpha at St Francis’:

St. Francis’ Church most recently held a very successful Alpha Course in late Spring and Summer of 2016.  Alpha, or a follow-on type of course is likely to be run again in the coming months.  If you’d like to know more about a course, for you, or a friend, please contact the Church Office.