The St Francis’ Sundae

The St Francis Sundae Now in Five Flavours! Ice Cream

Most people like ice cream and we all have our particular favourites. Read on for a little taster from the menu at St Francis Church

Sorbet, a light refreshing ice, is often used to cleanse the palate and in a way, this could be said of the 08:45 Communion service.  It’s a quiet slot – there’s a Communion, but no hymns, and a shortened element of teaching, because the service itself is fairly short (around 45 minutes) – and those who attend like it because it gets the day started the right way.

Hundreds and Thousands
Like a large dollop of ice cream, decorated colourfully and covered in sticky strawberry sauce, the Family Service is particularly designed with kids in mind.  As you’d imagine, it’s one of the busiest of our services, and it can be hectic and lively.  The service aims to engage with our youngest members, but don’t think that if you’re an adult there will be nothing to interest you.  I’ve enjoyed watching film clips from e.g.: The Incredibles and The Lord of the Rings, and have been surprised at how they relate to aspects of our lives.

Say “vanilla ice cream” and some people dismiss it as boring.  Vanilla was the first flavour, and some would say it’s the best.  It can be creamy and luxurious, with dark flecks of real vanilla.  Basically, vanilla is traditional.  The Parish Communion is long established too, dating back to when Christians first shared the bread and wine – with Jesus himself, at The Last Supper.  Some of words and phrases used today are centuries old but as Peter Hutchinson, our recently retired Vicar, said, “They say it in a beautiful way, so why reinvent the wheel?”  Some find this sort of service a bit restrictive, preferring something a bit more free ranging, while others love a service that repeats and flows, where they can lose themselves in the rhythm and their own prayers.

Two scoops, a different flavour in each
The Morning Worship service was introduced to give more in-depth teaching, because you can’t preach for very long during Communion services.  Peter was aware that we need to have The Bible “unpacked”, to help deepen our understanding of God, and to build our confidence in questioning what He’s saying to us.  At this service the leaders’ teaching helps to equip us to read around the subject if there are aspects we don’t understand; to question who was writing and why, and to place Scriptural passages in their correct context – this helps the meaning become clearer.  Morning Worship is also a chance for us to enjoy the work of our Music Group, who play a fantastic range of instruments between them – including piano, guitar, trombone, violin and flute – and the music is appropriately lively and upbeat.

Is that butterscotch and banana?
Tease the taste buds! It’s always good to try something new, and occasionally we run more creative one-off services, often during the evening.  We can experiment with a broad range of effects that today’s technologies offer us, while not forgetting that the simplest things can be equally effective too.  There’s a time for synchronising sound and lights, but a time for more lyrical forms of symbolism as well. These one-off services aren’t always on a Sunday, but tend to be at special times in the Church’s year, such as Easter-tide.

Of course, all five flavours aren’t on the menu every Sunday, so to avoid disappointment, check the list of services on this website, in Chrysalis or by popping into Church.